Where it all started

By the time I was 10 years old, My family and I had already seen much of Europe. We traveled a lot to visit family and friends and as a child nature made a huge impression on me.

Especially the high mountains in Switzerland.
I have never forgotten the moment as a child when I looked out over the mountains and nature from almost the top of a mountain in beautiful Switzerland. That's where my love for mountains and nature was born. 

The photos taken then are so precious to me. It brings me back to the moments from back then. The beautiful memories I cherish. And not only the beautiful nature in the background, but also the long hikes, swimming and other beautiful moments with my parents and younger sister.

When I look at these pictures it makes me want to go back to those moments.
Photography is the art of remembering.

After a lot of traveling I started working at different companies, but my love for photography never faded away. I always did photography at the side, but in 2020 I made the decision to fully commit to photography. The thing I love to do the most.

The past 2 years I captured a lot of love story's and lived in the Netherlands. Since 2021 we have a new family member, our dog ''Wolf''.

One day I hope to move to The States and start a new adventure there.

travel dates 2022

juLY 2022

dolomites, ITALY



September 2022





Hamburg, GERMANY

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