September 5, 2022

What kind of camera harness do I use?

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A question I’ve been getting more and more lately. What kind of camera harness or strap do you use?

When I bought my second camera body I knew I would need a camera harness. A harness that would allow me to quickly grab both cameras when needed. I bought a shoulder harness, but after 3 months I found out that it was not for me. After a wedding I had terrible back, shoulder and neck pain. That’s when I decided to buy a spider holster. And this changed my life as a wedding photographer. What an invention!

Is a hip belt nicer than a shoulder harness?

In my opinion yes! All the weight of your cameras ends up on your hips and not on your shoulders, neck and back. This was really a life saver for me. You can easily reach them and what I personally find an additional advantage is that the cameras are not swinging back and forth. It often happened to me that the cameras collided with something.

With a camera hip harness you have to take into account that you are a bit wider. But you get used to it quickly.

Do you have an extra security?

If the cameras are in the camera hip harness, no. You can jump, dance, run and roll as you please. 😉 They can’t shoot loose. I do have a wrist strap that I can quickly clip the cameras to if I want to.
I use this a lot when I’m on location near water, in the mountains or during the party when I have a flash on my camera. This prevents your camera from falling.

What do I use exactly?

The base
I use Sony full-frame cameras. This is important because the mounting of Spider is different.

I use the Spider Camera Holster Dual Camera System

The belt
Been looking for a long time for a nice belt for my spider holdster. Theirs is certainly nice and I have used it for a long time. But I wanted something that suited me better and looked nicer. 🙂 I finally ordered a belt from Ellen of Studio LL. It’s not standard in the shop, but you can send Ellen a message or email and she will be happy to help you.

I also chose to add a little bag that can be attached to the back or front of the belt. Handy for your phone, batteries or SD cards.


Wrist strap

For the added security of my cameras, I have a camera wrist strap from Peak Design. You attach 2 clips called anchor left to your cameras and then you can clip them to your wrist strap. An incredibly easy system, but it gives you a safe feeling as a wedding photographer.

Well, that was my post about my camera hip belt. Please let me know if you are going to make the switch. Am anxious to hear 🙂

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